About me

Jörg Vollmer

I am Jörg Vollmer, a short portrait:

  • Freelance IT Consultant in the Java environment
  • Presentations and Workshops in the fields
  • Active member of iSAQB 
    (International Software Architecture Qualification Board)
  • I like Maths and Jazz
  • Since 2017 big fan and supporter of Kotlin

In the year 2017 when I met Kotlin the first time, I became enthusiastic about this nice mixture of (well known) language features from other languages like Scala, C#, Groovy, Python and of course Java. But there is one really new feature in Kotlin which I had not seen before, and that is how Kotlin solved null-safeness! If you are programming in pure Kotlin NullPointerExceptions are actually not possible. But the major advantage is to save all that wasted time having these annoying “can be null questions” like in Java. In the meantime is has become possible to accomplish tasks in Kotlin what, in the past, was only restricted to Java like Spring Boot, ReactiveX, Actors, and even Alexa programming. The reason is the beautiful interoperability with Java similar to Groovy which makes a smooth migration from Java to Kotlin extremely easy. So, have much fun with Kotlin!